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Custom Closet Accessories by Dallas Custom Closets

Dallas Custom Closets offers a wide range of custom closet accessories intended to enhance the functionality of our beautiful closet installations. Many of our accessories are available in options that suit both reach-in and walk-in closets equally well, so be sure to ask our designers about anything you see below that looks like it would make your life more streamlined.

Once our designers have a clear picture of the items you wish to store, the look you want to achieve, and the dimensions of your space, they will guide you toward selecting and customizing closet accessories that will best support your organizational and aesthetic goals. Our meticulous, proprietary design analysis process ensures that your closet transformation will be everything you’ve envisioned.

Choosing Accessories

As you peruse the accessories listed below, you may find it helpful to have a current, exact inventory of the items you’ll be storing on hand for reference. If possible, begin by eliminating anything that does not support your way of life with its presence.

While there are inevitably going to be those precious few belongings that you’ll wish to keep close purely for sentimental reasons or for their intrinsic beauty, other clutter would best be donated or sold.

If you have a lot of items that require long-term storage, you may wish to lease a storage unit. While this might not sound like the most convenient option, it may be the boost you need to help you achieve the closet(s) of your dreams at home or in your office.

Remember, your closets should enhance your life by making your daily routine simpler, more efficient, and always absolutely beautiful.

Highlight Your Favorite Categories

Your closet should allow you to feel as though you have opened the door to a showroom that displays only your favorite belongings. For some of our clients, that means installing a fully-lit wall of cubbies just for their shoes. For others, belt or tie racks are just the right thing. Whether you love handbags or handmade cowboy boots, Dallas Custom Closets will help your belongings tell a story about who you truly are.

Choose from options like:

  • Jewelry trays lined with velveteen
  • Pull-out pants racks
  • Angled shoe shelves
  • Sliding scarf, belt & tie racks
  • Sliding wire baskets
  • Extendable swivel vanity mirrors

Laundry Solutions

Our designers often observe that closet clutter frequently occurs because closets don’t have efficient laundry solutions. Because most households rapidly generate more laundry than will fit in a standard, small basket – dirty clothes end up draped over chairs, piled up on the floor, or even perched on the edge of the bed.

If this sounds familiar, you’re probably feeling a bit nervous just thinking about having someone evaluate your situation. Take a deep breath; we’ve seen it all, and we pledge to offer you a much better way to manage your laundry.

Whether you’re redesigning a reach-in or walk-in closet, our laundry solutions are designed to blend in seamlessly with your closet installation. Your closet’s new design will help contribute to a cleaner bedroom. If you fully embrace your closet’s laundry features, your whole space will end up looking like it’s been transformed.

Which of the following laundry accessories are going to be the most helpful to you?

Laundry valet

Ideal for anyone who wears business attire for work and/or who wear formal clothing often, the valet rod is the extra three sets of hands you’ve been wishing for. This accessory can help you choose an outfit, organize your dry cleaning, or offer you a midway point as you hang your clean clothes.

Tilt-out & pull-out hampers

These unobtrusive, flat-faced hampers allow you to have adequate space to store your laundry without sacrificing your new closet’s sleek appearance. Now, your closet can stay beautiful between laundry days.

Fold-out ironing boards

If you can’t leave for work without that perfect crease in your slacks, our easy-to-use, sturdy ironing board is the only way to go. Gain back valuable storage space while making your morning just a little bit easier.

No matter the nature of your storage challenges, Dallas Custom Closets has the ideal solutions for you. Contact us for a free in-home custom closet estimate to discuss the endless closet accessory options for your Dallas home closet.