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March 2019

Shoe Storage
Custom Shoe Storage

Custom Shoe Storage and Organization Ideas

Dallas Custom Closets offers Custom Shoe Storage Solutions While it seems like just about every person in the world is in the process of decluttering their closets Marie Kondo style, there’s a smaller subset of fashion-forward, clothing-conscious connoisseurs who treasure every carefully-selected item. These consumers have a different mindset, usually thinking in terms of investing in beautiful, high-quality pieces that last. If you are one of these curators of couture, read on for our favorite

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Trash or Treasure Storage

Trash or Treasure Storage Tips: How to Sort, Organize and Store Sentimental Items

Nearly everyone seems to have the impulse to hang onto sentimental items. Cards, gifts, baby clothes a child has long outgrown, or precious things ancestors owned; even professional organizers have trouble deciding how to sort and store their most sentimental items. Today, we’ll share our “Trash or Treasure” storage and sorting tips to make this process easier for you, so read on if your spring cleaning needs include sifting through items that are rich with

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Motivation To Declutter

Do You Need Motivation to Declutter? Top 10 Reasons to “Tidy Up” Your Home

There’s nothing like returning home at the end of a long day. This is your moment to breathe a sigh of relief and sink into your favorite chair. There’s only one catch: your home is a whirlwind of mess and chaos. You can’t relax fully with this mess piled up, but you don’t have the motivation to declutter it, either! The bad news, as you’ve no doubt experienced, is that the more you procrastinate, the

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Tidying Up Definition

Tidying Up Definition: We Make Getting Organized Simple

The basic tidying up definition is the simple act of returning things to their proper place. But what happens when, despite your best intentions, your home isn’t any tidier this year than last? As you look around at your clutter, consider the possibility that your difficulties tidying up stem from one root issue: namely, that these items probably never had a proper place to begin with. If you’re looking for a closet organizer in Dallas, look

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