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Custom Reach-in Closets in Dallas

Reach In Closets

Reach-in closets are still common in older homes, apartments, and in smaller bedrooms intended for children. If you’re struggling with reach-in closet storage, you would probably love to have huge closets in every room—who wouldn’t? In most cases it makes the most sense to update the closets you have with a custom closet system from Dallas Custom Closets.

Our show-stopping closet installations will become one of your home’s favorite features, taking your organization tasks from overwhelming to completely manageable. We spend ample time with each of our clients learning about their storage needs, personality, habits and aesthetic preferences before any project begins.

We want to create attractive storage solutions that make it easy for our clients to keep their belongings organized. By creating a space for each category of item they need to store, they truly have a customized place for everything, making it simple to put things back where they belong.

The greatest thing about creating custom closets is that you know your own storage challenges, and you can work with experienced design professionals to create the right organizational system. Whether your closet floor is piled with shoes or your hanging rack is packed, Dallas Custom Closets has the perfect closet solution for you.

Even the smaller space offered by reach-in closets can be transformed into a storage powerhouse. If you’re looking for ideas for your closet customization, here are some design ideas to get you started.

Bedroom Closets

Bedroom closets are challenging to keep tidy and organized. They’re in heavy, daily use year-round, so they must be tailored to your lifestyle. Custom-built storage elements can take advantage of every inch of space to provide you with elegant solutions to your storage problems in the bedroom(s).

For professionals, we recommend a closet with a good amount of hanging room to accommodate suits and shirts or blouses. Above and below this hanging rod, shelving and drawers will serve to store shoes and sweaters. An accessory drawer with velveteen lining can be installed to hold jewelry for women, while a tie rack would be ideal for men.

Of course, a perfectly customized closet isn’t just for the adults—children benefit just as much from streamlining their storage. Children can have a tendency to be untidy, but with a custom reach-in closet solution, they will be able to see where their belongings should be stored at all times.

For small children, a pull-down, adjustable hanging rod allows for up to three rows of hangers. It occupies only half of the closet, allowing you to choose drawers, pull-out baskets, and shelving for the other side, making tidying a breeze. As your little one grows, the hanging rods can be adjusted to allow for longer clothing to be stored.

Other Closets

Other Closets

Reach-in closets may be presenting you with storage challenges throughout your home – not just in your bedrooms. Don’t be satisfied with cluttered drawers, piles of disorganized papers, and stacks of unwieldy storage containers.

For the home office, we offer customized office closets that will help you store your forms, mail, and receipts as you go. Deep corner shelves will store your files, books, and office supplies up out of your way while still keeping them within arm’s reach.

Linen closets are perhaps the easiest to upgrade. If you’re trying to store your bedding, towels and toiletries on a few shelves in the hall closet, you need an upgrade. Guests will be reaching into this space, so make it friendly by having sufficient shelving throughout. This way, your linens will be in small, accessible and easy-to-use stacks.

If you’re facing a serious storage challenge that even a customized reach-in closet system can’t solve, you may want to consider adding a free-standing wardrobe. Suitable for bedrooms that have more space than storage, they are infinitely customizable and available in a range of sizes.

At Dallas Custom Closets, we know that getting your home organized—and keeping it that way—is an ongoing process, but choosing a custom closet design can make this process much more manageable for you and for your family.

Our designers will work with you to analyze your storage challenges and help you create beautiful, highly functional closets that will enhance your overall wellbeing.