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Custom Shoe Storage and Organization Ideas

Shoe Storage

Dallas Custom Closets offers Custom Shoe Storage Solutions

While it seems like just about every person in the world is in the process of decluttering their closets Marie Kondo style, there’s a smaller subset of fashion-forward, clothing-conscious connoisseurs who treasure every carefully-selected item. These consumers have a different mindset, usually thinking in terms of investing in beautiful, high-quality pieces that last. If you are one of these curators of couture, read on for our favorite shoe storage ideas for the shoe lover.

Reducing your collection isn’t the only way to flawlessly organize it.

Although paring down is on trend right now, it is possible to manage and store a larger collection of treasured items, especially when you’re working with a custom storage design company.

Built-In Shoe Racks or Variable-Height Cubbies

Since you’ve invested significant time, effort, and cash into your shoe collection, perhaps you’d like to see it laid out in all its glory as you’re getting dressed each day. If so, consider a dedicating a wall in your walk-in closet or a floor-to-ceiling section of your wall closet to shelving or clear cubbies designed with specific spots for displaying your heels, boots, and flats.

Our shelves can be lit from above to perfectly illuminate your entire collection, guaranteeing that you won’t have to waste precious time and energy rummaging through your shoes one box or drawer at a time.

Shoe Racks

Storage Benches and Ottomans

If you have a mid-size shoe collection that has stayed about the same size for the last three to five years, consider one of our shoe storage ideas that can function as an ottoman in a larger, boutique-style closet or as a bench accessory alongside a standard wall closet.

These cleverly-disguised shoe storage pieces are beautiful as stand-alone components, and once opened they reveal spacious and easy-to-reach storage for casual shoes like loafers, sneakers, and sandals. However, due to their less-structured design, they are not ideal for properly storing heels, boots, or polished flats.

Pull-Out Shoe Racks

For closets that have limited space, pull-out shoe racks are a space-saving, stylish way to store and manage a mid-size shoe collection. This solution can easily store 50 pairs of loafers, sneakers, sandals, and heels. Boots higher than the ankle are not ideally stored in pull-out racks, but ask us how we can create a custom storage addition if you are a big fan of boots.

Custom-Matched Crown Molding

If your home’s design incorporates crown molding, you might consider having Dallas Custom Closets match and extend this feature into your closet. Placed across your closet, this molding can provide the perfect hook for the heels of your pumps. Another idea is a custom “heel ladder,” that allows your heels to hang out of the way but with easy access. If the rest of your collection can be managed by a flats-only solution, consider elevating your heels to the top of the pile to simplify your life.

Crown Moulding

Celebrate your treasured shoe collection by organizing and storing it beautifully.

Think Outside the Closet

If you have athletic shoes, weekend shoes, or gardening shoes that need a space away from your more carefully-curated selection, consider a wall-mounted rack or shoe storage cabinet. These can be installed anywhere, making them the perfect shoe storage extension in your entry or mudroom. When crafted from wood, these can be matched perfectly to any existing furniture you may have. When made from metal, these cabinets are able to withstand moisture, dirt, and heavy scuffing. If you are storing cleats, skates, or heavy work boots, a metal cabinet is ideal, though if you desire a wooden appearance, a faux front may be added in a veneer of your choice.

Outside The Closet

Fully Custom Creations

If the shoe storage solution you’re looking for isn’t described here, don’t hesitate to speak to us directly. Custom closets Dallas – We’ve never yet met a shoe collection we couldn’t perfectly display.