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Custom Storage Solutions for the Multitasking Guest Room

Guest Room

Guest room closets are tricky to arrange; they tend to perform hybridized functions, since most households don’t have enough space to dedicate a whole bedroom and closet to hosting duties. Your guest room, then, if you’re lucky enough to have one, is probably also your home office, or den, or even your craft room. Dallas Custom Closet offers custom storage solutions for your guest room, creating the space you need for your beloved guests to hang their clothes and stash their suitcase without requiring you to give up valuable everyday space.

First, do a deep-clean and declutter, then organize what remains. Remove everything from this space you can, and store what remains so that it’s easy to keep out of your guests’ way.

If you’re storing off-season clothing, consider under-the-bed storage, or transfer these clothes to a storage wardrobe and move it to the garage. Anything that would make your guests feel like their stay is an afterthought, or worse, that they might be “in the way,” should be removed.

The Custom Multitasking Working Wall

If your guest room will be housed in your office or craft room most of the year, you’ll need a creative and clever multitasking storage solution. Dallas Custom Closets can create a customized storage wall with a desk and a set of silent drawers/cabinetry, allowing you to store your private possessions in a streamlined, attractive way – leaving plenty of room for your guests to relax during their stay with you.

Beds that Tuck Away

If you’re seriously short on space, consider our customized wall bed designs. Dallas Custom Closets can seamlessly incorporate a bed into your wall storage design, or install an elegant model that also includes nightstands that fold down with the bed.

Whether you want your guest bed to rest inside a large roll away drawer or fold down like the classic Murphy Bed, our beautiful designs are crafted to merge perfectly with the unique style of your modern home.

Embrace Unusual Shapes

Unsual Shapes

If you, like many of our clients, have converted a portion of your attic into a guest room, you might be struggling to find storage solutions that fit with the room’s unusual architecture and tricky ceiling angles. In this case, custom cabinets will definitely be part of the ideal layout.

Dallas Custom Cabinets will craft drawers and cabinets to suit your irregular space, no matter the dimensions. Rather than emphasize any awkwardness in the space itself, our designs will make your configurations look intentional and unique while providing all the storage you and your guests need.

Don’t risk modifying and installing pre-fab or existing cabinets; this requires a professional touch to work well.

Setting Up the Closet

In our experience, for most guests to feel comfortable, they need only five or six hangers and a drawer or two. The trick is to have the rest of the closet look sleek and organized at a moment’s notice!

Most spare room are fitted with reach-in closets. If this is the case in your spare room, only one half of the closet needs to be made available to guests. In this half, we’ll install a half closet rod and drawers. We also suggest a space for storing a small suitcase and shoes.

A separate shelf can hold extra toiletries and linens. Guests appreciate having toiletries, blankets, and towels where they are easy to access, at any time of day or night. Travelling can come with wonky schedules that don’t make much sense (especially when plane or train transit is involved), and having everything they need when they need it will give weary visitors a welcome comfort.

If you’ve got space, a built-in laundry hamper can be a real luxury for guests, who are usually left scratching their heads when it comes to dealing with dirty laundry away from home.

On the other half—your half—of the closet, we suggest cabinets and drawers, or shelves with a fitted door. That way, everything you store here will be entirely out of sight to your guests while remaining organized and easily accessible to you year-round.

Don’t Fill the Space

When it’s months between visits from friends or family, it can be hard to stay motivated to keep a guest room ready. While a little mess here and there is okay, especially while you’re actively using the space, it’s important not to allow extra furniture, off-season clothes, or things you’re going to “find a place for later” to hang out in your spare room.

Visits from friends and family should be happy, fun occasions, but if you’ve got to spend 36 hours unearthing the guest room beforehand, even hosting your favorite guests will become a real pain.

Remember, your guests understand that you do live here year-round, and they aren’t expecting a pristine hotel environment. However, by planning ahead and creating a beautiful, functional space for their use, you’re making it clear that entertaining is a part of your life that you enjoy and eagerly anticipate.

Fill Space

Imagine bringing guests into their room and opening a closet that’s been crafted with their needs in mind. You will be signaling that their presence in your home is welcome and presents zero imposition, making them instantly comfortable and relaxed.