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Pantry and Cabinet Organization: Custom Storage Solutions for a Less Cluttered Modern Home

Pantry Organization

For the home chef, a well-organized pantry is as essential as a good set of pots and pans. Dallas Custom Closets creates pantry and cabinet custom storage solutions that will result in a less cluttered modern kitchen. Whether you want to create an entire wall storage system from scratch or integrate subtle enhancements into your nearly-perfect kitchen, we are here to make your dream pantry a reality.

For the Wine Aficionado

Not everyone has room for a large wine cellar, or indeed the wine collection to fill one. If you love wine, though, or even enjoy a glass with dinner now and then, consider adding wine cubbies, cubes, or specialized shelves. By allocating a specialized storage space for your wine according to your available space and storage needs, you can ensure that your wine is stored horizontally alongside your glassware and decanter.

Trays and Baking Sheets

Essential for the home baker, vertical tray dividers at the base of your pantry will get these unwieldy items under control. See your items at a glance, then simply slide out the one you want without having to unearth it from a stack of baking trays.

Canned Goods

Canned Goods

Our silent drawers are ideal for storing items that stand upright; while canned goods and boxed goods are popular choices, we can create drawers at custom heights to suit any item your pantry stores.

Bagged Goods and Small Items

Rather than sift through a pile in your pantry, consider slide-out baskets; the closed back and sides prevents small packets of food from getting lost either behind or beneath the basket, while the easy sliding design makes sorting and reaching items a breeze.

Storing Your Broom and Mop

We all have to use our brooms, but no one enjoys having a broom on display. Tuck yours out of sight with a broom holder. Tell us how many spaces you need, and we’ll find the perfect place to install them.

Using French-style Doors as Storage Space

If you have (or decide to have us create) a pantry with French-style doors, the inside of the doors can be an ideal space to add further storage options; choose from shelving, storage slots, or space for hanging pots and pans flat against the door.

Organizing in Small Kitchens

Small Kitchen

While large pantries present exciting opportunities for a custom design, small kitchens rely even more heavily on streamlined, efficient organization. If your small kitchen leaves you frustrated and reaching for the takeout menu more often than you’d like, ask Dallas Custom Closets to analyze your space and recommend custom storage ideas.

By combining strategic storage accessories focused on reducing the footprint of the items in your kitchen, you’ll regain counter space, while placing items in convenient, stylish, and even concealed locations will make every day more enjoyable.

Reduce Injuries with Ergonomic Designs

Consider how many injuries occur in aging adults: when one bends and twists awkwardly to reach items around the home, the risk of spine, hip, knee, and back injury rises exponentially. Allow Dallas Custom Closets to help create an ergonomic pantry today to save you from future pain.

A combination of strategic shelf, basket, and drawer placement will place your most-needed items at your fingertips, while items you rarely reach for will be safely stowed out of your way.

Isolate Your Cleaning Supplies

Digging around under the kitchen sink looking for a specific spray cleaner you need is a pain. That’s why we often suggest that pantry designs include a cabinet just for cleaning supplies. A closed cabinet will fully isolate your foodstuffs from your cleaners while making everything easier to reach.

Why Dallas Custom Closets?

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality that sets us apart from the competition is why we’re the right choice for your next home organization project. While our wardrobe accessories are our most famous products, we also offer a wide selection of pantry accessories that will enhance both the appearance and functionality of your home kitchen.

Browse our pantry accessories here, then contact us to schedule a free, in-home consultation.