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Dallas Closet Designs for Optimal Seasonal Storage Solutions

Dallas closet designs

The winter season is full of exciting holidays that Dallas homeowners love to decorate for, both inside and out. Few things bring more joy than lights, wreaths, and that giant collection of family ornaments. What’s less joyous is the process of getting them all out and putting them away at the end of the season. Read on for Dallas closet designs for seasonal décor that will bring you cheer.

Custom Shelving for Storage Bins

Stacking bins one on top of the other may seem like a good way to save space—until you need the twinkle lights or festive candles in the bottom bin. Having to disassemble and reassemble a tower of bins might just be the thing that makes you wish you could skip the winter holidays altogether!

Installing custom shelving units allows you to keep using those trusty storage bins while opting for a space-saving method that works for you. We can build each shelf to match the size of any bins, boxes, or individual items you need to store.

Pull-Out Drawer Wrapping Stations

Chances are that you have more than just seasonal decorations to find a spot for. The holidays are a time of gift-giving, and you probably have seasonal wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, and bows.

Believe it or not, you don’t need a special room to create a wrapping station. Our pull-out drawer systems are available in custom sizes to fit anything you have in mind, including those jumbo rolls of wrapping paper. With your tucked-away wrapping station, giving gifts will bring you new levels of holiday bliss.

Rack-Free Space for Large Items

Boxes and bins are great for trinkets and small items, but most families have at least one large item in their holiday décor collection. Whether it’s your tree or that 20-foot outdoor inflatable, you need a lot of space to store it. If it’s heavy, the overhead shelf in most standard closets isn’t going to cut it.

When we design a closet intended for clothing, we typically pair shelving and drawers with racks for hanging clothes. In a closet designed for holiday décor storage, we can leave the racks out to create large compartments for your largest items. Simply slide those large items in and out of the closet, protecting their condition and keeping your full collection all in one place.

Adjustability to Grow with You

One of our specialties is easy-to-adjust shelving. In a matter of seconds, you can pull individual shelves out of your closet and place them in new configurations to better fit storage bins, baskets, and bags. As your collection of seasonal décor shifts and grows, you can adjust your closet to accommodate new storage needs.

This year, when you’re taking down your seasonal décor for another year, remember that custom storage solutions are just a click or call away. Contact Dallas Custom Closets to start planning the holiday closet that will bring you joy for years to come.