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Mud Room Solutions by Dallas Custom Closets

While April showers are necessary (especially for May’s beautiful flowers), they also bring mud, pollen, and all sorts of debris you don’t want to be tracked through every room in the house. It’s time to adopt a system that everyone can follow. Spend less time mopping and more time enjoying the spring weather. Read on for mud room solutions and tips to keep your home clean when the weather outside is soggy.

Family-Sized Shoe Racks

You’ve always dreamed of having a shoe-free home, but you hate the mountain of shoes that builds up by the door.  With our help, you can design a vertical shoe rack with enough room for the whole family to use. Smaller compartments are perfect for sandals and tennis shoes while larger compartments make a great home for boots of all sizes and seasons. Vertical shelves keep shoes off the floor while ensuring that your kids’ muddy cleats or damp rain boots won’t ruin your favorite pair of work shoes.

Hooks for Coats and Bags

Shoes aren’t the only things better left in the mud room. Hanging hooks at different heights throughout your storage system can free up drawers and surfaces while creating a space for coats, backpacks, and bags. As a bonus, having these things so close to the door can really cut down on the time it takes for the family to get ready to head out for the day. No more last-minute hunts for lost briefcases or lunchboxes!

Pet Care Storage for Dirty Paws

Your dog needs to spend some quality time outdoors, rain or shine. She also seems to have a keen interest in strolling through puddles or digging in mud! She might not know how to wipe her paws on the welcome mat before stepping inside, but you can keep some things handy to keep the muddy paw prints contained. We’ve helped tons of Dallas homeowners create dedicated storage space for pet care products, from leashes and harnesses to towels and pet wipes. The best part is that you can opt for a closed design of cabinets or shelves to keep pet towels out of sight.

Large Cabinets for Outdoor Gear

Some homeowners build their mud room in the garage, but many don’t have a garage and need the mud room to do double-duty. You probably don’t want things like skateboards, helmets, or gardening tools lying around your family room, but there’s no designated place for them to go. We can easily incorporate large cabinets and storage closets into your mud room design so that every item has its place – even bulky outdoor gear.

Custom Finishing Touches

When you partner with Dallas Custom Closets, you don’t have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetic for organization. We make it easy to customize everything, from the size and style of your storage system to the paint colors and hardware. A combination of open shelving and closed drawers allows you to hide away the clutter while keeping the important items in sight. Get in touch and start designing your dream mud room today.