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Getting Organized: How to Prepare to Work With a Professional Designer for Your Dallas Custom Closets

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Taming the Closet Monsters

As children, many of us were afraid of a monster lurking in our closets. If you experienced this, hopefully you had someone reassuring you that there was no monster. In adulthood, though, the monster may have become real; it’s just made of piles of closet clutter and unsorted clothing! If you are ready to get organized before you meet with a professional designer for your Dallas Custom Closets, this guide will help you tame your closet monsters and decide which type of organization system will work for you.

Getting Started

Staring up at a jumble of barely-balanced stacks of stuff can feel totally overwhelming. Because many of us feel that we must be able to complete a task in order to get started on it, huge projects like reorganizing a closet often get pushed to the back burner for months (we won’t judge if it’s been longer!) at a time.

Rather than try to begin and complete your closet overhaul in one day or even one weekend, it may be more feasible to break the project into smaller tasks. If you can choose small goals and accomplish them regularly, it will help you build a healthy momentum that can carry you through to your goal.

You may focus on one section at a time; just half of one shelf, for example. If you’d rather, choose one category: only shoes, or only sweaters. If you choose this approach, try not to get distracted; work with a friend or loved one if you need someone to help keep you on track.

Alternatively, you can decide to work for specific lengths of time; a popular choice is to work for 25 minutes, then take a short 5-minute break. If you choose this approach, it’s crucial that you stick to your time limit. Even if you feel like pushing past your break, resist the impulse. The scheduled breaks are important for keeping your brain feeling positive about the task at hand.


Your closet clutter didn’t accumulate overnight, and it won’t be banished overnight!

How To Choose Your Closet Organization Style

Now that you’re looking at your belongings without the surrounding chaos, it should be much simpler to envision the types of items you need readily on hand; you can store the items you don’t reach for every day.

Shoe Storage

The type of shoe storage you need will depend on the type of shoes you tend to wear and the number of shoes you have.

If stunning heels are a wardrobe staple for you, consider boutique-style shelving—it can even have gentle lighting—that will give you the feeling of shoe shopping each morning. Your shoe collection can give you a burst of joy if it’s displayed and stored beautifully.

If you are managing an athletic shoe collection, you likely have two types of sneakers: fashion sneakers and “I actually run in these” sneakers. Your fashionable, clean sneakers can be displayed on shelves or racks, while your lived-in sneakers can be stored behind a closed drawer, cabinet door, or curtain.

Clothing Storage

This balance between displayed or stored items can be repeated throughout your closet. If your work requires office wear, your wardrobe will benefit from being hung properly.

Pants racks, tie racks, velveteen-lined accessory drawers, purse shelving, and ample space for dress shirts will all be necessities for the professional.

Consider including a laundry valet rod for ease of dressing in the morning. Like smart phones and heated car seats, once you have a valet rod, you’ll wonder how you lived so long without one.

Laundry Management

Everyone has dirty laundry, but no one likes looking at it, which is precisely why tilt-out laundry hampers have become the most popular choice for custom closet designs. Keep your laundry discreetly tucked away until laundry day, preserving your new closet’s crisp, clean appearance all week long.

Laundry Management

Clothes Steamers and Ironing Boards

Whether you tend to wear silk or denim, your clothing deserves to look its best. By now you’re probably loyal to either your clothes steamer or an ironing board system, and either one can be included in your custom closet design without compromising your storage space or your closet’s accessibility!

Your Closet Needs to Work for You

Ultimately, your closet should serve your needs. We will carefully consider your belongings, your lifestyle, any accessibility challenges you face, and the dimensions of your closet throughout our individualized design process, so make a note of anything you’d like us to know! We’re excited to help you create the closet you’ve worked so hard to bring to fruition.