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Designing a Closet that Matches Your Organizational Style

How many times have you set the goal to keep an organized closet only to burn out after a few weeks—or even days? The problem isn’t your capacity for cleaning or your willpower. The problem is that you’re working with a space that doesn’t support your natural organizing tendencies. Read on to learn about designing a closet that matches your organizational style.

Clutter Hiders

You need visual order to feel relaxed and comfortable in your bedroom, but you’re not exactly someone who has a place for everything with everything in its place. No matter how orderly your home appears, there’s always a mountain of clutter hiding out of sight. If this sounds like you, know that you’re in the majority!

Clutter hiders are going to benefit from a combination of hanging rods, open shelving, drawers, and baskets. Additional accessories like slide-out pant racks and shoe fences make it easy to keep what’s visible neat and tidy. Meanwhile,  you can hide all those unfolded t-shirts and mismatched socks out of sight.

Creative Dressers

You’re someone who can’t resist a thrift store and you practically invented pattern-clashing maximalism. As much as you respect the art of a capsule wardrobe, you can’t stand the thought of limiting yourself to a handful of garments. You see your closet as more of a gallery than a practical organizational tool.

Creative dressers are going to benefit from open LED shelving, hanging rods at varying heights, and a ton of strategically placed hooks. A more visually accessible design makes it easy to shop your closet without half of your clothing winding up on the floor. Simple touches like valet rods add a level of luxury that’s perfect for the fashion-forward.


Nothing makes you happier than spending an afternoon cleaning, purging, and reorganizing your closet. You don’t just hang your clothing by color and occasion. Even your socks, jewelry, or neckties have designated (and possibly even labeled) compartments. You don’t need any extra motivation or know-how to keep your closet in order—you just need the right layout.

Micro-organizers are going to benefit from an intuitive flow of closet classics like shelves and hanging rods along with niche accessories like slide-out jewelry trays, scarf racks, and waterfall hooks. Whether it’s in plain view or out of sight, it’s going to be orderly.

Chore Avoiders

There’s nothing you’d rather do less than spend time folding, stacking, or hanging your clothes after you’ve already taken the time to do laundry. Still, you know that too much visual chaos can create more stress in your life. You need a way to hide—and dare we say organize—those piles of clean clothes.

You may need a hanging rod or two for dry clean-only pieces, but otherwise a chore avoider is going to benefit from closed drawers and baskets galore. Leave one small open shelf where you can store your portable steamer. Who needs to fold clothes when you can steam the wrinkles away?

No matter your organizational style, Dallas Custom Closets can help you design the perfect closet system.