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Enhance Your Leisure with a New and Improved Media Space

You have no doubt seen the massive, clunky media hutches of days gone by. Perhaps you have even seen one recently at an aging relative’s home. These unwieldy pieces could take up an entire wall of one’s living room or den, were often unattractive, and yet became the focal point of every room over which they loomed.

Yet, are the hundreds of flat-pack media centers perched in living rooms all around your neighborhood any more distinctive and chic? We would say no.


The good news is that you do not have to settle for bulk-manufactured furniture, nor do you have to pay an exorbitant price to commission a one-off installation. The team of innovative, talented designers at Dallas Custom Closets can create custom media centers for any gathering space and/or room within your home.

To elevate your custom installation’ sleek, updated appeal even more, we offer optional crown molding. If your home features crown molding elsewhere, we highly recommend including the same style around your media centers. Doing so will ensure that your built-in additions merge seamlessly with the rest of your home’s luxurious design.

Double Duty

Our media center installations are deceptive in their minimal footprint. Despite their sleek appearance, you will be able to store your flat-screen television, stereo system, wireless router, video game consoles and controllers, and a space for creating a custom cable management system.

Enhance Your Storage

If your home could use expanded storage space, let’s talk about it. We can enhance your custom media center by installing cabinets that will join the main center seamlessly. These spaces are ideal for storing hard copies of video games, media, and items you want to access quickly when friends and family come to visit. One of our favorite inclusions is photo albums, especially when they showcase recent events like weddings, graduations, overseas vacations, and of course, albums of new babies.

Need Something Different?

If you have a unique type of item you want to store or showcase, simply let our designers know. We will work with you to create the perfect space for your unique needs.

To begin the process of partnering with Dallas Custom Closets in the measuring, brainstorming, and designing of your newest piece of custom furniture, simply contact us today. We offer complimentary consultations during which we can hear about your storage and display wishes and pitch a few ideas to solve them.

We are confident that once you have met our team and have seen the plans we create, you will be excited to move forward into the final design and installation phase. As always, once your installation has been completed, we would be delighted to see photos and videos of your friends and family members reacting to your new media space. Tag us in your social posts!

We look forward to working with you before summer is in full swing. Make this the year that everyone wants you to invite them to kick back and watch TV at your house!