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How to Improve Your Productivity with Storage Solutions for Small Laundry Rooms

While modern homes are often designed with large laundry rooms, most older homes either have no dedicated laundry room or include spaces that could—kindly—be described as “cozy.” If your home’s laundry processing area is less than spacious, don’t worry. Dallas Custom Closets’ favorite storage solutions for small laundry rooms will help you make the most of the space you have, boosting your productivity and making the drudgery of laundry day just a little bit easier.

Vertical Storage

Unless you have a stacking washer and dryer, you probably have open space above your machines. We have experience with closet design Dallas and can make the most of this vertical real estate by installing cabinets or cubbies all the way up to the ceiling. By choosing custom cabinetry, you can ensure that not a single inch of available space is wasted.

Open Shelving

If your laundry room already feels claustrophobic, open shelving can help the space feel more open and airy. When your laundry zone is somewhat removed from the rest of your home, you don’t have to consider the potential aesthetic disadvantages of having laundry supplies out. As we all know, having supplies within arm’s reach can certainly streamline one’s laundry routine!

Wheeled Laundry Cart

If you have a truly petite laundry room, a wheeled laundry cart featuring a clothing rod can be a simple yet elegant solution. When you aren’t using your cart, it can be loaded up with laundry supplies and stored in the garage or tucked into a spare closet.

Concealed Washer and Dryer

If your washer and dryer are a conspicuous feature in your home, consider having Dallas Custom Closets create a beautiful cabinet for them! Guests will never realize that your pretty bar/buffet area conceals your laundry area, and you’ll be able to utilize this precious real estate all week long, not just on laundry days.

Butcher Block—Not Just for Kitchens

By installing a beautiful butcher block over your machines, you’ll upgrade your laundry zone into a fully-functional workspace. Choose a wood that compliments the beauty of your home and your petite laundry space will become a multi-tasking productivity center.

Behind-the-Door Shelving

The wall behind your laundry room door could be an ideal space to install customized shallow shelving. While this area is often overlooked in remodeling efforts, paying attention to small details like these is what allows Dallas Custom Closets to create functional storage from every available nook and cranny.

Slim Rolling Cart

Unless you managed to purchase a washer and dryer set that perfectly fits your available space, you probably have a bit of a gap between your washer, dryer, cabinetry, and walls. Rather than being an annoyance, this awkward gap could be perfect for housing a customized slim rolling cart. This can be the perfect place to store stain treatments, small bottles of detergent for delicates, and fabric sprays.

Pull-out Hampers

When you’re short on space, you need a hamper solution that gets the mess out of your way. Pull-out hampers conceal the chaos of accumulating laundry and make sorting a breeze.

Ironing Station Solutions

Confession? We’re not crazy about ironing, and when possible, we recommend steaming your clothing. Clothes steamers are safer, easier to use, and often easier on your clothes.

However, some of us have no choice but to wear crisply ironed clothing to work. If this is your struggle, consider a beautiful all-in-one ironing station. Our custom slide-out ironing boards are inconspicuously incorporated into laundry room cabinetry; simply pull out the ironing board when you need it, then slide it back out of sight when your work is completed.

Clothing Rods

When you need additional space to hang damp clothing, installing a hanging rod (whether permanently or with removable tension rod) in the laundry room itself can be the most effective solution. Clothing rods can be installed between two walls, two cabinets, or between cabinetry and your wall.

If a clothing rod would be more beneficial to your routine than would a full wall of cabinetry, let us know. At Dallas Custom Closets, we can craft anything you need to make the most of your small laundry room.