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After KonMari: How to Design a Custom Dallas Closet To Enhance a Minimalist Lifestyle


If there is one thing Marie Kondo taught us with her KonMari method of decluttering it’s that minimalism brings with it a certain feeling of freedom: freedom from material possessions, freedom from oppressive clutter, and freedom from stress. According to Kondo, a carefully organized and simplified aesthetic can actually be the key to our inner peace. Still, plenty of us find ourselves battling overstuffed drawers and cluttered shelves all hidden behind closet doors. This hide-and-forget method of decluttering gets the job done, too—but does it elicit the same satisfying results?

Whether you’re a fan of the minimalist aesthetic or not, there is something to be said about the functionality and simplistic tranquility of a minimal closet. A closet with a minimalist design can offer not just peace of mind, but efficiency in your everyday life. With less clutter stuffed in every corner, you can find and store things easier. Imagine no more digging through the bottom of your closet for a specific pair of shoes or fighting to stuff your umbrella back into your hall closet. Keeping it simple can have daily, impactful benefits. And while some aspirational tidying and decluttering can go a long way to de-stress your life, creating a closet space specific to your minimalist goals can double that impact. The calmness of organizing the things that “spark joy” in your life can be amplified with a custom built minimalist closet.


After you have undertaken the overwhelming task of clearing out your closet of all the things you don’t really need, you will have a good idea of what you have left to organize. Every space is different. Whether you have a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet, there are thoughtful, functional ways to create minimalist organization solutions regardless of the size of the space you are working with. A closet designed with intention will maximize efficiency while adding to the aesthetic of your room. The key designing an optimal storage space is to categorize your items, starting big and working your way down to the smaller details. The key to minimalizing your space is to create function-specific storage spaces so every item has its designated “home.”

In a closet, think about the items that take up the most space. For bedroom closets, this is likely clothing. Pants, for instance, will take up less vertical space than long dresses. Utilizing this unused vertical space can optimize the efficiency of your organizational structure. Folded clothing, shoes, undergarments, and accessories will have different storage needs. Including bins, shelves, shelf dividers, shoe racks, or drawers in the design of your bedroom closet can ensure these pieces do not expand to other areas of your closet and create clutter. Even seasonal clothing should have a place in your design where they are not taking up valuable real estate at the forefront of your closet. With a custom closet, you can add as many of these features as needed to fit your storage needs.

Beyond The Bedroom

A minimalist closet design can expand beyond the bedroom. Bathroom closets, hall closets, pantry storage, laundry room storage, and other unique spaces can all benefit from simplified storage solutions. A personalized closet installation can add functionality to promote ease and calm in day-to-day use. Whether you’re storing linens, utility items and cleaners, or bulky coats, you do not have to suffer with an overstuffed closet. Creating intentional designs to fit the needs of these challenging storage spaces can add minimalistic appeal and efficiency to your home.

At Dallas Custom Closets, we know the power a simplified, organized closet space can have on a person’s life. We have years of experience designing and building customized closets for all kinds of spaces. Our team can provide the expert recommendations for your custom design to create a personalized storage space that benefits you. A minimalist closet requires superior closet organization solutions that will optimize space and simplify your everyday life. Remove the stress from your life today with a purpose built, minimalist closet from Dallas Custom Closets.