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My Master Bath is too Small for Ample Storage!

At Dallas Custom Closets we understand how daunting it can be to figure out how to make the best of the storage available in a tiny space. Paint samples, flooring choices, and even down to what style hardware will be installed can feel extremely overwhelming, and these tasks can become an even bigger challenge when you want to scream, “My master bath is too small!”

Don’t lose hope because WE can help! With our customized designs, Dallas Custom Closets can help you maximize the square footage and perhaps unique dimensions of your small master bath in order to transform it into a space of relaxation and tranquility, making it the special sanctuary you’ve been dreaming of.

How Can I Create or Transform a Standard Vanity?

 Most standard smaller vanities are going to be anywhere from 24”-30” as an option for smaller master bathrooms. With our talented designers and craftsman, however, you can rest assured that the ability to create a small yet stylish vanity with at least one drawer is possible. Other vanity options may typically include a two-door style with the faucet lines hidden inside.

Dallas Custom Closets can help you take advantage of this opportunity for storage by say, a designated design space for cleaning products while the other side is set aside for extra personal products or simply toilet paper! Perhaps if you choose an option with a drawer underneath this can function as a sole space for personal hardware such as shaving devices, hair care styling tools and other gadgets! Additionally, another underneath option may include a shelf designed to fit a custom storage bin or two allowing you to maintain even more convenient access.

If you are lucky enough to be able to fit a 30” vanity inside your small master bath this will be even better! Dallas Custom Closets can help you capitalize on your individualistic needs, especially if you are sharing the space with your spouse or significant other. Have you always dreamt of having an entitled space to keep your makeup and beauty products organized and neat? Maybe you have had visions of having a drawer that can evolve from beauty brush holders to another layer for cosmetics and and jewelry and so on? Dallas Custom Closets can make this happen! Additionally, if you need a space for your cologne collection, facial care products, contacts, glass case holder, we are telling you the design possibilities are endless! Let us guide you with individualistic designs catered to you.

How Can I Make the Most of Unique Wall Angles/Random Nooks?

Perhaps you are struggling with a solution for linen storage i.e. bath towels, hand towels, bath sheets, etc. While brainstorming, you may have considered more of an open concept idea vs closed or partially open partially closed with regards to the look and tone of your master bath as a whole. We have tons of ideas including and not limited to: on the wall storage mounts with a designated décor option that you may prefer to change season to season; optional space near the tub for custom wine glass holder and/or candle holder/shelving when you just need to unwind after a long day; or even a custom space to keep from view a Bluetooth accessible speaker to make getting dressed for the day or ready for bed more entertaining and relaxing in this oasis you are creating.

Do I Need Professional Guidance?

Dallas Custom Closets would love to help you decide if a professional handle on this type of project is the answer for you. Think about how much time and stress could be avoided with our help, and schedule your free in home design consultation just by contacting us at 214.230.2294. Don’t hesitate; we won’t let you down and you have nothing to lose.