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Reducing Food Waste with Smart Dallas Pantry Designs

Do your New Year’s resolutions include reducing food waste and spending more time cooking nutritious meals with the ingredients you have on hand? A change in kitchen storage may be in order to support these ambitious goals! Read on to learn about reducing food waste with our smart Dallas pantry designs.

Improved Access to Dry Goods

When it comes to expiration dates, you have more leeway with dry goods like pasta and grains than you do with produce. Still, you may not find that box of macaroni that expired five years ago very appealing to cook with.

Our custom pantry storage solutions include slide-out racks and drawers that eliminate hidden pantry staples. Rather than digging through cluttered boxes and jars, simply slide out each drawer and pull out what you need. Corner storage solutions and vertical shelving can also increase the square footage of storage space in even the smallest of kitchenettes. Adding more shelves and racks will allow you to separate your ingredients from other kitchen essentials like dishes, pots, and pans.

Easy-to-Maintain Organization

If you’ve done a pantry deep clean before, you know that all your efforts to organize are quickly squandered when no one in your home sticks with the new system. The secret to keeping your pantry organized is creating an easy-to-maintain design; your current kitchen setup may not support this goal.

Because our kitchen storage solutions are entirely customizable, you can create a design that supports your household needs. For example, slide-out metal racks are perfect for wine bottles, jars, and spices. Storage baskets are great for loose items like unrefrigerated produce and snack bags. When you can maintain your organization system, you can stop overbuying ingredients you forgot were there and incorporate what you have into each week’s meal plans.

Proper Produce Storage

When it comes to reducing food waste, perishables are usually the toughest ingredients to account for. Better organization can prevent you from forgetting about that bag of potatoes you bought last week. Proper storage can extend the lifespan of those onions and garlic bulbs, giving you more time to use them before they turn.

Gone are the days when your typical Dallas home comes equipped with a root cellar. However, by increasing your vertical storage space and incorporating storage baskets, you can create the cool, dark, and ventilated conditions unrefrigerated produce tends to thrive in.

Appealing Ingredient Display

You may have heard the phrase, “The eyes eat first.” The idea is that visual appeal can increase your enjoyment of food, but that doesn’t mean you need to achieve restaurant-quality plating. When your ingredients are displayed in an attractive way, you may find yourself reaching for them more readily and cooking creative meals your family will love. Our kitchen storage solutions are as sleek and elegant as they are practical, turning any pantry into the most alluring supermarket in town.

Are you ready to make your goal of reducing food waste a reality? Contact Dallas Custom Closets and start planning your dream pantry today.