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Storage Ideas for Basement Spaces

If your basement is sitting largely unused and/or full of clutter, you’re not alone. Many people stack their basements high with items they use rarely, if at all. While they may believe they’re taking great advantage of their available storage because these items are usually out of sight, they’re rather limiting one of the most useful areas in the modern home. To be transformed from a dark heap of stuff into crisp and cheery bonus rec space, your basement storage only needs to be customized to suit your lifestyle.

Safety First

Although every item we install will be fully guaranteed to be safe and secure, it’s very important that you not try to store heavy items more than 5 feet high. The risk of you injuring yourself when trying to lift your boxes up or down is exponentially greater if you store them above this height.

Double-Duty Shelving

Make the most of your wall space by choosing shelves that have dual levels with storage hooks or racks below. Any shelving you choose should perform at least two functions or have at least two layered shelves; anything less will probably be a disappointment when you have taken into account the wall space you’ll be dedicating to it.

If layered shelves aren’t appealing to you, consider secured cabinetry or racks for light baskets instead.

Embrace Plastic Totes and Large Labels

While they’re not fancy enough for the living room, plastic bins are perfect for the average basement. They protect against insects and dampness, are easy to organize and stack, and with some careful labelling, you may find that totes can gobble up a good chunk of your clutter.

Be careful not to store fabric—like clothing, linens, or certain decorations—in airtight plastic totes. Fabric items require ventilation.

Stairway Storage Solutions

If you have a basement, there’s almost certainly a staircase leading down into it. If there’s open space, either on the wall or the floor beneath the staircase, this space is ideal for carving out some cleverly-organized storage.

If the space is tall enough for you to walk into, you may be able to install shelves on the reverse of the stairs themselves. Place items you use most up top where they’re easiest to reach, and place seldom-used items down below where you’ll need to reach a bit more.

If the space is not so tall, a stack of cubbies can break this smaller space up into useful blocks. Ideal for storing gardening clothing, small kitchen appliances, or cubby drawers (available in plastic, wicker, and fabric).

Customizable Built-Ins: Design a Wonder Wall

Even basements that are relatively small often have great amounts of wall space, making the basement the perfect candidate for a customized wonder wall of storage. Mix and match open shelving, cabinetry, curtains, cubbies, and hooks to create the storage unit that’s perfect for you and your things.

Conceal the chaos.

There’s no reason for your basement to visually attack you in a jumble, even if it does store an odd assortment of treasures. Once you’ve organized your belongings into the categories you’ll be storing them under, discuss your challenges with us and let us offer solutions that will streamline your stuff into a sleek, elegant custom storage unit that will allow you to enjoy your basement without staring down the jumble.

Salvage Solid Cabinetry

If you’re able to secure surplus cabinetry or happen to have an update scheduled for your own kitchen, these cabinets can be part of your basement storage. Keep an eye out for cabinets that capture your aesthetic but be forewarned that refinishing or repainting cabinetry is a laborious process that must be done carefully to ensure pleasing results. Those scuffed and stained cabinets may feel less like a bargain as you begin your tenth hour of work on repainting!

Look into Lockers

Lockers are a remarkably useful basement storage option. Choose a design that has shelving or opt for the type that have separate boot lockers below; having breaks in the vertical space will offer you many more options for arranging your items.

Make the Seating Store your Stuff

Once your basement is organized and your stuff is stashed, you may find that there’s room in your newly-adorable basement to have a seat and pass some time. If you need some new basement seating, look for styles that feature storage beneath the seats. Whether you store board games, blankets, or your gardening boots, you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity to stow a few more items.

Reach out to the Pros

If you need or want help implementing any of the above organizational ideas into your basement space, give Dallas Custom Closets a call or send us a message on our online contact form.