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Storage Solutions Dallas Stay at Home Moms Will Love

All too often, stay at home moms (and dads) simply are not given the credit they deserve for their daily accomplishments – especially those who are parents to multiple young children or have kids in a number of different age groups. Staying on top of keeping the home tidy and organized can easily take a back seat to what seem like more important tasks; however, when the house gets messy, chaos can more easily ensue. We’ve got storage solutions Dallas parents will truly appreciate, as an organized home makes for happier families all around.


Snack times are frequent when you have lots of littles running around under foot. Therefore, keeping a fully stocked pantry is important – but that means you’ll need a pantry organization system that works for you and for kiddos. After all, the sooner your child can independently get his or her own snack, the sooner your task load will begin to lighten.

Dallas Custom Closets can help streamline your pantry accessibility with:

  • Convenient racks that slide out for easy reach
  • Wire baskets that make for handy snack storage for little hands
  • Vertical dividers to make your shelves aesthetically pleasing
  • Storage solutions for corner spaces to ensure that all space is used
  • Slide out wine racks for when the kiddos go to bed


Every parent, whether stay at home or working out of the home full or part time knows that getting shoes, coats and other outerwear on and off young children can often be tiresome and can feel like wrangling a litter of wild kittens! We suggest making the process smoother by keeping all of your children’s outdoor gear in your mudroom or entryway.

We have designed a number of creative spaces for parents of children of all ages that makes getting in and out the door a much more enjoyable experience! Ask us for tips on creating specialized storage locations for things like gloves, scarves, coats, hats and shoes. We’ll cater to your children’s ages now while making the room easily versatile to grow with them. NOTE: We are also the ONLY Dallas area closet company that carries both ski racks and ski boot warmers, so if you have little ones who are into skiing, we’ve got your covered there, too.

Laundry Room Organization

Young children are notoriously messy as they go about learning life on the daily. Most stay at home parents know that laundry can quickly spiral out of control if not kept on top of regularly. To make this chore easier to tamp down, we build custom laundry spaces for our clients that include:

  • Cabinetry to keep needed supplies at your fingertips but out of kids’ reach
  • Space saving elements like a fold-up ironing board and drying rod
  • Gridded wall space for additional storage
  • Built in folding surfaces to make the entire laundry process a breeze all in one spot

Bathrooms – kid friendly and stylish?

We recognize that most parents value convenience and organization over style, but when possible, it is nice to maintain as much of your own personality in the rooms of your home.

Even while parenting young children, if done correctly, you can maintain a clean, sleek bathroom while having everything your kids need behind slow close safety drawers and hidden creatively in color coordinated bins. Dirty clothing can easily be slid into our custom built tilt-out hampers.

Working together with the storage specialists at Dallas Custom Closets, you can be sure that the rooms your children spend the most time in will function seamlessly while still holding onto the look and feel you want to present to the world. Guests who visit your home will be amazed and impressed at how easily your children are able to keep themselves organized as well as how lovely a home filled with littles can stay so put together every day.