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Do You Need Motivation to Declutter? Top 10 Reasons to “Tidy Up” Your Home

There’s nothing like returning home at the end of a long day. This is your moment to breathe a sigh of relief and sink into your favorite chair. There’s only one catch: your home is a whirlwind of mess and chaos. You can’t relax fully with this mess piled up, but you don’t have the motivation to declutter it, either!

The bad news, as you’ve no doubt experienced, is that the more you procrastinate, the bigger the mess gets. The good news is, you have the ability to conquer this mess! There’s no doubt a good reason your home looks the way that it does: whether your schedule has you stretched thin, seasonal depression left you wrung out, or your kids are a mess factory, try not to judge yourself or your family as you work together to tidy up. The past is past, and focusing on what’s already happened may prevent you from making progress.

If you need help with the nitty-gritty of tidying, check out the smash hit how-to book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” by Marie Kondo. Her method involves massive decluttering and enacting systems that help keep your home in order. Her book has also been developed into a heart-warming Netflix series, and there’s a manga version of the book for younger readers.

If you need a motivational boost to kick-start your efforts, read on:

Top Ten Reasons to Tidy Your Home

1. Having a Clean Home Feels Great

This one is obvious, but it’s absolutely key to maintaining a tidy home. Inhabiting a clean, bright space makes us feel great! If you take a moment to picture how it would feel to open your front door after work and see a warm, inviting space waiting to welcome you, you will understand how motivating that feeling can be.

2. Stress-free Entertaining

If you love entertaining and you battle clutter, you know the drill: you have company coming over, so you’ll spend a frantic few hours cleaning everything in sight. Wouldn’t it be nice if company coming over were simply something to enjoy? If the biggest stress were what to serve for dinner rather than “Will there still be dishes in the sink by the time they arrive?” Keep this vision clearly in mind as you are banishing clutter. Dallas Custom Closets has the best storage solutions in Dallas.

3. Improved Ability to Focus

Whether you’re trying to work from a home office or just trying to send off some emails on the weekend, you know that working in a cluttered space is distracting. “I should take care of that pile of clothes” is much less conducive to productivity than a passing thought like “My little plant is looking great!”

4. A Clean Home Boosts Your Mood

Living in a state of chaos can actually start to cause us to feel depressed. Once our mood is depressed, we have a harder time managing our mess. That’s why it’s so important to find a way to turn things around as soon as you notice the mess creeping up on you. Daily diligence is needed to stay on top of things, but once you’re ahead of the mess, it will only take thirty to sixty minutes per day to keep it looking beautiful.

5. Being Organized Saves Time

Looking for receipts, your child’s toys, your left shoe, or the dog’s nail clippers all take time and energy that you just shouldn’t have to spend. Investing a brief amount of time daily to keep organized will pay off ten-fold in time saved searching for lost objects.

6. Being Organized Saves Money

Every time you buy a replacement for a lost item, throw away food that spoiled because you didn’t see it in the back of the refrigerator, or replace an item that was destroyed due to carelessness (you wouldn’t have sat on your glasses if they had been in the case, but we’re not judging!), you waste money.

Americans throw about 25% of their food away every month! For a family of four, that’s thousands of dollars down the drain. You work too hard to have your money leak out on all sides due to a bit of mess. It’s time to take control.

7. You’ll Sleep Better in a Tidy Bedroom

Sleep studies have demonstrated that sleeping in a messy room is stressful. If you want to help yourself fully relax at the end of the day, do yourself the honor of sleeping in a room that you’ve intentionally prepared for yourself. Our brains have many ways of showing unhappiness, but if you’re battling insomnia, your cluttered bedroom may be partially to blame.

8. Being Tidy Reduces Exposure to Environmental Health Hazards

Dust, dander, pollen, viruses, and bacteria all accumulate in your mess. Sleep quality aside, this can be a significant drain on your health. Give your body a better chance to be robust and healthy by providing it with a clean, nurturing environment in which to relax and recharge.

9. Being Tidy Reduces Pests

Spiders, insects, and other pests all prefer a cluttered, messy home than a tidy, often-cleaned one. Think about it: would a spider rather hide away in that pile of laundry or be chased by the vacuum cleaner every other day? Keep your home’s pests at bay by cleaning and tidying often.

10. You’ll Be Setting a Good Example

Whether you have children in your home or have children from your extended family over to visit, presenting them with a good example of a well-run, tidy home could have a huge impact on their later health and happiness. Seeing first-hand how you keep your home happy and clean will provide them with the tools they need to do the same when they establish their own households.

Hopefully this list has provided you with the motivation you’ve been looking for. In the process of decluttering, if you find that you need help organizing all of your belongings, give us a call! We’ve made organization our business, and we’ll definitely be able to help you find a place for everything as you tidy up.