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Unique Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

If your knowledge of storage customization doesn’t extend to that little reach-in closet in your guest room, Dallas Custom Closets has perfect storage solutions for small spaces that will change your mind. Reach-in closets, children’s closets, pantries and small spaces in general can be so thoroughly transformed that you will find that you’re truly excited to use your storage areas.

Sometimes a few strategic tweaks are all that’s needed to make a space work for your purposes, but usually a full overhaul will yield the best results. In this article, we’ll cover the 5 storage solutions that consistently make the most of small spaces.

Customize your reach-in closet design with space-saving accessories like premium hanging rods, slide-out swivel mirrors, tilt-out hampers or slide-out scarf, belt and tie racks. The options are endless when it comes to personalizing your custom reach-in closet!

Ad Hoc Storage

If your closet is overflowing with items that don’t have a suitable home, it’s time to add some storage that is customized to your specific needs. Dallas Custom Closets can add belt and tie racks, premium pants-hanging rods or racks, and tilting laundry hampers. Each of these small touches can make a surprisingly big difference in a small space.

Break up the space vertically

We’re used to closets being divided into horizontal sections: top shelf, clothing rack, floor storage. Once we move beyond this limiting structure, though, even a small reach-in closet has almost limitless potential. A standard, single reach-in closet can easily be divided into three vertical zones. One can hold two sets of clothing rods, the next can be a stack of drawers and shelves, and the final zone can keep a raised clothing rod and storage below these clothes. The final look will be sleek and luxurious, and you will be thrilled when you see the amount of storage even a single closet can boast.

Graduated Shelving, Divided Shelving, and Cubbies

If your small closet has that standard single shelf running along the top, it’s a safe bet that the items on that shelf are in a bit of a jumble. Even the best efforts to keep this type of shelving organized can fall short; it’s probably too tall to store your clothing, but too shallow to properly store bins.

If you have your heart set on keeping a single shelf over your clothing rod, adding custom dividers may be all you need to make the most of this storage space. Dividers will hold sweaters, jeans, or active wear in place while allowing you to see and access these items quickly.

We think that graduated shelving is often best for clothing closets for adults. Women especially may find that having a column of graduated shelving will allow them to store their heels, wedges, kitten heels, flats, and sneakers without wasting an inch of space.

A section of cubbies can be perfect for men’s shoes, purses, and children’s items. Cubbies can be crafted to match the size of the items you’re storing, making them perfect for organizing items that you might otherwise store in flimsy hanging organizers or even on the closet floor.

Go Transparent

If you’re a visual thinker, tucking your clothing and belongings fully out of sight behind drawer fronts might give you pause. However, there’s a simple solution: transparent drawer fronts. Beloved for their ability to reduce the claustrophobic feeling in small spaces as much as for their appeal to visual, creative individuals, transparent fronts on your drawers and cabinets will allow you to enjoy the colors in your wardrobe without having everything out.

Raise your rods

If you’re dealing with a closet that doesn’t have room for drawers beneath your hanging clothes, raising the clothing rod is a quick fix that can open up your options. Any storage space you may be sacrificing above the rod will be surpassed by the customized storage solutions that will fit now that you’ll have additional inches to work with.

Nursery Nook

If you’re struggling to design a nursery due to limited space, consider tucking away your baby’s chest of drawers and changing table into the reach-in closet. The changing table will fit perfectly on the drawers, and there will be space left for a little clothing rack to hold baby’s sweet little wardrobe. Once these large pieces of furniture have been eliminated, you’ll have plenty of space for a crib, glider, and play space for your baby.