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Using Feng Shui Elements in Your Texas Closet Upgrade

Your closet takes up physical and visual space in your bedroom, the place where you start and end every single day. In feng shui, the closet, with its closed compartments and versions of our self-expression, represents the subconscious mind. If you’ve been struggling to meet your goals or manage stress, it may be time to use feng shui elements in your Texas closet upgrade. Here are a few ways to get started.

Closet Placement

Directional North is associated with the water element which, in turn, is associated with personal development. If you have the chance to start from scratch, build or redesign your closet on a North-facing wall. This can orient both your subconscious mind and your style toward the career, milestones, or growth you hope to achieve.

What if your closet placement is already set in stone? Try moving your bed so that the closet is to the left of it. According to feng shui, this alignment can create prosperity.

Order and Cleanliness

To contribute to the overall balance of your bedroom, it’s crucial that you declutter your closet space. Simply closing the door to conceal disorganization or messiness won’t do the trick.

Start by removing everything from your closet to get rid of anything you no longer enjoy or wear. Then, work with closet professionals to find the perfect shelving placement, hanging rails, drawers, and baskets to make ongoing organization a breeze. Functional flow is one of the simplest elements of feng shui that’s nearly impossible to achieve without the right layout.

Shoe and Clothing Organization

Believe it or not, even shoe placement holds importance in feng shui. Shoes are a potent source of grounding energy, and your shoes should always be stored in pairs with the soles facing downward and the toes pointing out. Building additional shelving in your closet can prevent the dreaded shoe pile from accumulating on the floor.

When it comes to organizing your clothing, harmony is key. How you achieve closet harmony should reflect your preferences and the way you get dressed each morning. One simple option is to divide clothing by type (e.g., separating casual clothing from dress clothing or shirts from pants) and storing them in order from lightest to darkest. Color coordination can simplify your morning ritual while creating a soothing visual effect.

Space for Growth

A closet designed with feng shui in mind won’t be packed to the brim. You should have enough space to browse through your wardrobe and pick each article of clothing you want to wear with ease. Empty space also leaves room for metaphorical and mental growth. The best way to maintain space in a closet of any size is to rotate your clothing based on the seasons. During your closet customization process, prioritize storage for out-of-season pieces so you can focus on the present, rather than the past or the future.

No matter the size or state of your closet, Dallas Custom Closets can bring functional solutions. Start your closet redesign consultation today.