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Too Much Stuff And Not Enough Space

6 Signs You Have Too Much Stuff (and Not Enough Space)

We as Americans generally agree: most of us have too much stuff and not enough space in which to store it all. Every holiday, we give each other piles of gifts. Throughout the year, we buy clothing in anticipation of each season. Not only do we over-shop, but we also don’t know how or when to get rid of other things to compensate for this constant influx of new items. In this article, we outline 10

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Guest Room
Custom Storage Solutions

Custom Storage Solutions for the Multitasking Guest Room

Guest room closets are tricky to arrange; they tend to perform hybridized functions, since most households don’t have enough space to dedicate a whole bedroom and closet to hosting duties. Your guest room, then, if you’re lucky enough to have one, is probably also your home office, or den, or even your craft room. Dallas Custom Closet offers custom storage solutions for your guest room, creating the space you need for your beloved guests to

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Overcome Hoarding

Overcome Hoarding and Take Back Your Life

“Even as a child I struggled with throwing things away: clothing I had outgrown, preschool storybooks, school papers from previous grades. I felt like I might need things later on, that I’d feel huge regret if I didn’t keep everything I could. Now, as an adult, my need to keep everything is ruining my life. I never invite friends over to the house, and neither do the other members of my family. I know they

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Getting Organized
Getting Organized

Getting Organized Without Marie Kondo

If you’re sick of hearing the famous “Konmari” phrase “Does it spark joy,” you are far from alone. The good news is, there are reliable, time-proven ways of getting organized without Marie Kondo. Today we’re discussing six of our favorite techniques for sifting through a household of stuff, none of which require reflecting meditatively over your housewares. 1. Reach out to an online community. Joining a Reddit sub, Facebook group, message board, or other online

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Storage Solutions

How to Improve Your Productivity with Storage Solutions for Small Laundry Rooms

While modern homes are often designed with large laundry rooms, most older homes either have no dedicated laundry room or include spaces that could—kindly—be described as “cozy.” If your home’s laundry processing area is less than spacious, don’t worry. Dallas Custom Closets’ favorite storage solutions for small laundry rooms will help you make the most of the space you have, boosting your productivity and making the drudgery of laundry day just a little bit easier. Vertical Storage

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Home Craft
Home Craft Rooms

Storage and Organization Ideas for Home Craft Rooms and Craft Closets

Depending on your hobbies and the space you have available, your craft space may be a desk, a corner of a room, or a repurposed closet. What we at Dallas Custom Closets have found in our years of creating custom crafting spaces won’t surprise you: even having a dedicated room available for crafting won’t necessarily lead to a well-organized, properly utilized storage system. In today’s article, we delve into the best organization ideas for home

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Pantry Organization
Custom Storage Solutions

Pantry and Cabinet Organization: Custom Storage Solutions for a Less Cluttered Modern Home

For the home chef, a well-organized pantry is as essential as a good set of pots and pans. Dallas Custom Closets creates pantry and cabinet custom storage solutions that will result in a less cluttered modern kitchen. Whether you want to create an entire wall storage system from scratch or integrate subtle enhancements into your nearly-perfect kitchen, we are here to make your dream pantry a reality. For the Wine Aficionado Not everyone has room

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Custom Dallas Closet

After KonMari: How to Design a Custom Dallas Closet To Enhance a Minimalist Lifestyle

If there is one thing Marie Kondo taught us with her KonMari method of decluttering it’s that minimalism brings with it a certain feeling of freedom: freedom from material possessions, freedom from oppressive clutter, and freedom from stress. According to Kondo, a carefully organized and simplified aesthetic can actually be the key to our inner peace. Still, plenty of us find ourselves battling overstuffed drawers and cluttered shelves all hidden behind closet doors. This hide-and-forget

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Professional Designer
Dallas Custom Closets

Getting Organized: How to Prepare to Work With a Professional Designer for Your Dallas Custom Closets

Taming the Closet Monsters As children, many of us were afraid of a monster lurking in our closets. If you experienced this, hopefully you had someone reassuring you that there was no monster. In adulthood, though, the monster may have become real; it’s just made of piles of closet clutter and unsorted clothing! If you are ready to get organized before you meet with a professional designer for your Dallas Custom Closets, this guide will

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Preparing Closet
Dallas Closet

Transform Your Dallas Closet Into a Custom Home Office

Few of us have the luxury of devoting an entire room to act as our home office. Even when we do, we’re often just one life event away from losing our space. When you have a baby, the office becomes a nursery; when you move to a smaller home, the bedroom you sacrifice to afford a better location is going to mean losing your office. The good news is that as long as you can

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