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Seamless Cabinets and Sleek Custom Closet Designs for Dallas Professionals

Seamless Cabinets

Dallas Professionals, we know you have specific criteria when you’re looking at custom closet designs: you want distinctive designs that are attractive, yet easy to maintain. You want luxury features at a price point that won’t make your eyes water, and you want your hardware to last.

At Dallas Custom Closets, we curate sleek, seamless designs for professionals. Whether you want to overhaul your bedroom closet, create a home office in your spare room, or simplify your kitchen (read: give it a major design lift), we have the ideal design for you.

Our Materials

Dallas Custom Closets uses cabinet doors that are crafted from real wood. Unlike DIY cabinet kits from big-box stores, our cabinet doors will look beautiful throughout years of heavy use. Choose the finish that expresses your professional style, and we’ll create a strong, real wood custom closet design that stores your clothing beautifully.

By choosing a seamless front to your custom closet drawer and cabinet designs, cleaning and dusting your room becomes a breeze. A smear of dust on an otherwise pristine outfit can derail your morning; keeping your wardrobe dust-free starts with making cleaning simple. When you only have ten minutes to tidy your space before you head out the door, it’s likely that embracing seamless, elegant simplification will bring you joy.

Closet Configurations for Your Work Wardrobe

The right configuration for you is going to be largely decided by the types of clothing you need to store. Suit jackets need to be stored differently than cashmere sweaters, clearly, but so do twill and wool pants. When we meet with you, tell us more about your wardrobe so that we can suggest the configuration that will make sense for your clothes. Shelves may serve you better than rods, or, most likely, a mix of shelves, cubbies, and rods will make the most of your space.

Accessories for Your Custom Closet Design

As a busy professional, you need your clothes to read as elegant and tasteful. If you’re trying to cram a full work wardrobe into a standard closet, you’re no doubt struggling with creased slacks and rumpled shirts. You’re ready for an upgrade, and we have several to suggest.

Our angled shoe shelves will keep your shoes free of creases and scuffs far longer. It takes time and costs money to have your shoes professionally polished, so it makes sense to keep them looking their best on these gorgeous shelves.

Rather than folding your pants or allowing them to get creased when you wedge them onto the rack with the rest of your clothes, opt for our pull-out pants rack. With one motion, you’ll be able to see and access your work pants. Plus, our plush rack keeps your pants in perfect shape, so you’ll be out the door that much faster.

If you need to hang your ties, we’ll incorporate a sliding rack. If jewelry is more your speed, you’ll need velveteen-lined jewelry drawers. Don’t forget your eye glasses, scarves, or belts; anything you reach for when getting ready should be beautifully stored at your fingertips.

If there are items you iron frequently, we suggest adding a built-in ironing board and a valet rod. This setup works beautifully for steaming clothing as well; all but the most wash-and-wear wardrobes look better with a touch of TLC.

When you’re getting ready to make a big presentation at work, you need to be sure you look your best from head to toe. Our full-length mirror options, lighting designs, and swivel-out mirrors will allow you to check your appearance in a flash. Nothing guarantees success quite like preparation and a healthy dose of confidence; our closets are here to support you on both fronts.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary, zero-obligation consultation. We’re excited to show you how our designs can make your home and work life beautifully simple.