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Storage and Organization Ideas for Home Craft Rooms and Craft Closets

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Depending on your hobbies and the space you have available, your craft space may be a desk, a corner of a room, or a repurposed closet. What we at Dallas Custom Closets have found in our years of creating custom crafting spaces won’t surprise you: even having a dedicated room available for crafting won’t necessarily lead to a well-organized, properly utilized storage system. In today’s article, we delve into the best organization ideas for home craft rooms and craft spaces.

If you’ve found yourself dreaming of what you could create if only you had an updated, streamlined home crafting space, this blog post could be the motivation you need to make this the year you find your craft zone zen.

Note: Before you call us to help you assess your organization and storage solutions Dallas, you’ll want to perform a careful inventory of your supplies. Some supplies dry up or expire, some kits you’re never going to open, and sometimes you’ve likely been given thoughtful gifts that are nevertheless not right for your crafts.

Give yourself permission to let go of anything you aren’t excited about, and make a detailed list of everything you intend to store or display. Ready? Let’s begin.

This room is truly where you can feel free to express yourself.

While this may seem obvious, make sure this simple concept stays with you as you design your craft space. Unlike your living room, kitchen, and guest bathroom, this space doesn’t have to please or serve anyone who won’t be crafting there.

This is your opportunity to go all out on making this space your own. It’s worth noting, however, that if it feels more true to your authentic style, it’s equally chic to create an incognito craft zone that conforms to the design aesthetic you’ve already cultivated throughout your home.

Identify Key Features that Will Improve Your Life

Whether you’re a knitter who wants elaborate yarn cubbies and pattern bookshelves, an origami and kirigami artist who wants the perfect small shelving for paper and glue, or a Project Runway-style independent clothing artist who needs to store bolts of cloth, you are the only one who can determine which design elements your new craft space should contain.

Key Features

However, there are a few key features that are helpful to a wide variety of crafters.

  • Adjustable Shelving

Many crafters find that their shelving requirements shift with the project and medium at hand. For these prolific, mercurial crafters, adjustable shelving is ideal.

  • Floating Shelving

If you’re an established crafter who knows their routine, you may opt for floating shelving instead. While it isn’t as fully adjustable, this minimalist look creates a beautiful showcase for colorful supplies.

  • Silent Drawers

It’s nearly impossible to whip up a surprise gift without someone in the house catching on, but these elegant silent drawers will help! Preserve the tranquility of your ideal crafting space—and the magic of surprise—by ditching old-fashioned drawer styles. We promise you’ll never look back.

  • Wall Track Systems

Ideal for organizing items like tape, wrapping paper, scissors, ribbon, markers, brushes, and washi, are our custom-designed wall track systems. You’ll be able to set up, craft, and tidy up in a fraction of your usual time once we’ve placed your supplies at your fingertips.

Wall Track System

  • Brainstorming Wall

For visual thinkers, having a physical space to work in, whether rearranging inspiring images or pinning swatches of fabric, can be even more rewarding than spending hours on Pinterest.

If this idea appeals to you, decide whether a large magnetic whiteboard, cork board, or fabric-swathed ribbon board is going to work best, then let us know. We understand the necessity of being able to brainstorm where you create.

Prioritizing your crafting space this year will allow you to glean as much pleasure as possible from your treasured crafting time. Of course, by having conducted a detailed inventory, reorganizing, and arranging your supplies optimally, you’ll find yourself with even more free time—which you’ll need. Your newly organized craft space is sure to spark plenty of ideas for new projects.